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Hello and welcome to—I've been wearing many hats these days: consultant, advocate, expert, designer, crafter, activist, and more. Feel free to peruse this site and explore what I've been up to.

As for what's going on right now . . .

Being quoted in the NY Times is pretty thrilling, although less so when your words are taken out of context and spun to mean something else entirely. Having said that, there are serious problems with
our broken public education system in NYC and at the end of the day the goal should be a solid education
 for every child. Sometimes it feels like that gets lost in the political shuffle.

I started a super cool Etsy shop, which has been both a constructive and productive way to spend time and share messaging while sheltering in. There are handmade t-shirts, tank tops, buttons, one of a kind masks in fab fabrics, and more.

My WASH YOUR HANDS project was/is a bright light in crazy days. Pieces will be in a COVID19 collection at the New York Historical Society, which is a complete and total thrill.

Singing out with Sing Out, Louise! is challenging in this social distancing world but we're figuring out ways to sing out while staying safe. Check out the website for hymnals and songs that are just about guaranteed to make you feel better. 

I cannot think of a more important message right now. Simple and powerful and important and necessary.

We all have different ways of contributing to the effort of making change happen in this country. Do what you can. Call, text, write postcards, canvas if possible. Talk to friends, acquaintances, relatives. Engage in conversation. Make people think. Every bit counts.


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