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Hello and welcome to! I've been wearing many hats these days: consultant, advocate, expert, designer,

plus the many more noted below.  Feel free to peruse this site and explore what I've been up to. As for what's going

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6 mentions in a NY Times article is a great thing. The challenges in getting through the public high school process in NYC is not. Glad people are writing about the what families have to go through.

Singing out with Sing Out, Louise! is what keeps me sane and balanced in this challenging world. 


In many ways, FLOW is a breakthrough.Daily Beast


Its contents, I found, are plainspoken—perhaps it will start chipping away at the taboo. . . . the style is important and groundbreaking.The New Yorker (yes, The New Yorker!)


FLOW was my dream project. The impossible to publish book that made it out into the world and is still starting conversations. I am nothing but delighted to still be a part of them.  Click here to read more. 

When FLOW was the mere  inkling of an idea, and I was nervously sitting for my final design portfolio review at School of Visual Arts, my teacher suggested I go back to school for writing. I was crushed. Turns out, he was on the right track. Design is a method of communication and words have always been my go-to means of expression. While additional classroom time wasn’t on the agenda, 11 books later I comfortably, and gratefully, call myself a writer. I've gotten to work on some remarkable projects. Click here to check them out. And click here to read what I've been putting out into the world lately.


My latest venture. When I was looking at high schools with my older child, I was lucky enough to be part of a parent-driven collective that shared info and experiences as the admissions process evolved. The collaboration was such a boon I decided to spearhead a similar group when my younger son got to that point. From that, High School 411 was born - it's a unique resource for support and information that makes a difference to both NYC families. Click here for more info.


I’m also a graphic designerKidney donor. Somewhat recent PTA co president at the largest high school not only in NYC but in the country.
Street singer. Coat collector. Scarf addict. Yogi.  Mother (my best gig ever).  Creator of great ideas that never made it past the idea phase 
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