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Beyond books, I've been exploring a variety of topical topics.


At Huffinton Post

Sadly, they shut this down to the average, every day blogger like me. 

You can find everything I wrote at HuffPost HERE, or click on the links below.

New York City's High School Diversity Conundrum • 3.9.17

Hindering, Not Helping, NYC Kids • 1.20.17

Wake Up Trumpers • 11.17.16

I am Luke Skywalker • 11.10.16

Thank you Donald • 11.6.16

What if Mothers Ran the World? 11.4.16

Dumbing it Down in NYC • 9.26.16

Monitoring the Mayor's Pursestrings • 7.1.16

Temper Tantrum Politics • 6.8.16

Shame on the City • 6.6.16

Not Bleeding in Public • 5.20.16

Lack of Mayoral Control • 5.19.16

Changing the Menstrual Conversation • 5.16.16

The Law of Averages • 4.29.16

Righting Wrongs in New York City • 4.21.16

Giving Kids Choices • 3.1.16

Bleeding into Education • 2.19.16

Choosing Schools in NYC • 12.2.15

Educating about Education • 10.22.15

Kim Kardashian for President! • 8.11.15

Trump and Tampons 8.8.15

Working for Free • 8.6.15

Bureaucracy in Motion • 6.16.15

Am I Really Sorry? 6.10.15

Equality in Education 5.4.15

Don't Blame the Test 4.24.15

The Illustion of Choice 3.4.15

Making Objectivity Unfair • 12.15.14

Mr. Mayor, It's Time to Take Racism Out of the Equation • 12.6.14

An Open Letter to NYC's Mayor • 10.28.14

Taking a Break From the Negative • 10.23.14

Hindsight Doesn't Protect Our Children • 10.2.14

Defining Objectivity • 9.30.14

Asking Questions Later • 9.23.14

The Problem WIth Sweeping Reform • 9.18.14

Fixing What Wasn't Broken • 9.4.14

Laughing at Periods • 7.9.14

Messing With Success • 6.16.14

Not Whispering About Breastfeeding •  10.10.13

Calling it a Choice Doesn’t Make it One •  3.4.12

How Much is That Kidney in the Window? •  8.5.11

A Different Kind of Giving •  2.3.11

Kids Are Not French Fries • 11.15.10

The Trouble With Grassroots Cyber Sex Ed •  9.26.10

Victoria’s Secret for Preteens •  8.11.10

The Lebron James “Decision • 7.9.10

Who’s Writing About the Writers 5.27.10

Betty White’s Dusty Muffin 5.13.10

Happy Birthday Pill! 5.10.10

A Real Mother’s Day 5.8.10

To Vajayjay or Not to Vajayjay4.16.10

How We Talk About Death 12.28.09

The Age of Invisibility12.22.09

Medicalization is the New Happy Hour12.17.09

Twitter vs. The Real World 12.5.09

Sex and the City Schools 12.3.09

Personal Branding11.19.09 


The Villager:

A Tale of Two Markets • 10.13.14

Famous Ray’s Slings its Final Slice 12.19.13

Lack of Cash Putting a Scare into Halloween Parade10.26.13

New Elite Enclave is at Odds With the Spirit of the Village 10.26.13

8th St. Walks Away from Shoes Towards Something New 7.18.13

Espresso, Booze, or Shoes 5.2.13

Super-anxiety About Closing of 6th Avenue Market 4.11.13

Another Supermarket Will Be Checking Out 3.28.13


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