During the last year plus of chaos and turmoil, many, including myself, have found ourselves doing things we'd never imagined and finding voices we'd never thought we'd need to find. I've been to countless rallies, designing posters for many, marshaling at others, emcee'ing at an End LGBTQ Persecution rally at the UN, attending local Democratic club meetings, activist gatherings, and workshops about the political process and organizing. 

I'm now an elected NYC County Committee member—my first political party position ever. I was elected secretary of that group as well. I'm on the Executive Committee of the Village Independent Democrats and the board of the West 12th Street Block Association. There are so many ways to participate. I'm on the steering committee of the 14th Street Coalition and put together the L Train Watch, a community collective of photos, videos, issues and incidents related to the L train project. 

To the right is one cool ongoing project - videos with local and state elected official Ben Yee, asking questions about local politics, to help educate those not yet in the know. CLICK HERE to check out our new YouTube channel and check out our Facebook page. Please watch and share.  

And I help run Sing Out, Louise!, a group of fierce, talented protest singers. We sing all over
NYC and our membership and audience is growing. We've even started putting videos out
into the world - my first ever directing projects.  There's power in creativity and community
and solidarity. 

Below are a few photos of my activist life. Stay tuned. There's always something new these days.