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I've gotten to do some cool things in the media. Click on any of the pink links below to read/see/hear more.



It would be AMAZING if I had video for all video I've done. Sadly, I don't. But amazing experiences all around. 


Elissa Stein
Elissa Stein, activist
Elissa Stein, High School 411

CBS News

After being quoted in the Wall Street Journal, CBS reached out for info about delays in NY State testing results. Always good to be in the know.

(Real)Politics: the TV Show

Elected official Ben Yee ask and answer
questions weekly about local, state,
and national issues.

#HowWeFamily, Tylenol

This was a moving tribute to moms - I got to talk about mine and everyone on the shoot teared up.

Talking about Menstruation

This was an internal video project for Kotex, talking about how women think about their bodies. I hadn't quite gotten the hang of wavy hair yet. 

Elissa Stein, author

The View

What can I say - Whoopi Goldberg 

told everyone to go back this book.

Doesn't get better than that. 

Elissa Stein, author

Let Them Talk

My very first TV appearance. Talking about menstruation with Joan Moossy and 

Paul DeRIenzo.

cool quotes/mentions

The Gothamist

Families Face "Daunting" High School Admissions Process Once Again


For some families, high school applications feel more complicated than ever

The Gothamist

NYC Continues to Move Away from Middle School Admissions Screens, High School Admissions to be Centralized


NYC middle and high schools head into another murky admissions season

USA Today

Who decided a period leak was the end of the world?


Wall Street Journal

New York City Sees 18% Drop in Students Testing for Admission to Selective High Schools

South China Morning Post

Why have menstrual periods remained taboo? Researcher and author aim to end the shaming of a natural process



8 Great Feminist Microhistories



Applying to middle or high school? NYC delays admissions policy announcement until October


The Village Sun

Activist singers have ‘the knack’ for hand-washing PSA



Wear a mask? Even with 20,000 dead, some New Yorkers don't


NY Times

A School Admissions Process That Caused Segregation Fell Apart
in Weeks

Wall Street Journal

New York City Schools to Use Looser Grading System for Students



Period. Books. Period.



The color of period power?



Applications for middle and high school are due soon. Here’s what you need to know about changes this year.



Applications for NYC Public High Schools Are Due Next Week. Here's What You Need to Know



Then vs. Now: The Evolution of Period Products


NY Times

White Parents, Privilege and Tours


NY Times

Why White Parents Were at the Front of the Line for the School Tour


DOT: Through Traffic On 14th Street To End Thursday

Crains New York

Controversial 14th Street busway launches this week



Mayor Promises City Will Send Out Delayed H.S. Admissions Letters Next Week

NY Post

NYC parents fight glitchy DOE website to enroll kids in school admission test

Wall Street Journal

New York City Introduces Wait Lists for Students Unhappy With School Placements

The City

NYC Online Applications a Big Fail, Parents Say


Judge’s Decision Means, For Now, It’s Business As Usual For Cars On 14th Street In Manhattan

Wall Street Journal

Neighborhood Groups Get Reprieve From 14th Street Car Ban


The Villager, Op Ed

Thrown Under the Bus on 14th Street

Wall Street Journal

Top New York City School Makes Big Admissions Error


Mayor Promises City Will Send Out Delayed H.S. Admissions Letters Next Week


The Villager

Pols demand answers on L plan; Brewer half-on, half-off ‘busway’


28 Bloody good books


New York City extends school application deadline, adding to an admissions cycle full of change

CBS News

NY Test Score Delay Has Students, Parents Stressed On Education Options


Wall Street Journal

State Delays Student Test Scores, Leaving Parents Less Time to Prepare


W magazine

Meet the Rainbow of Activists Who Marched
at the NYC Pride Parade

USA Today

How prom fashion has evolved from ubiquitous gowns to include DIY and gender fluid options


Fariña promised to involve parents. Now, parent leaders reflect on her tenure — and offer tips for her successor

Work From Home

Extended interview with menstruation historian
and author Elissa Stein



Naked Trump costumes donned by Rise & Resist protest president’s fitness for office


Toronto Metro

TIFF Rising Star Ellen Wong Wrestling with Deeper Roles


City's Gifted Screening Is 'Deficient' at Ensuring Diversity, Officials Say



Despite Vow to Increase School Funding, Mayor Won't Boost Budgets in 2018


Mail & Guardian: Africa's Best Read

Coded language contributes to culture of shame about menstruating


The Austin Chronicle

Exploring Eco-Friendly Period Products


City's Elite High Schools Admissions Exam Gets First Overhaul in 20 Years


Most City High Schools Don't Prep Kids Enough for College, Experts Say



Want to Find Out About High School Tours? Don't Count on the CIty's Calendar



City Makes Unwieldy High School Directory Easier to Search Online

Chalkbeat NY

Open houses and closed doors: How the first step toward high school can become a stumbling block

The Guardian

The Connected Vagina


DNA info

Mayor Increases 'Fair Share' Funding for Schools, but Critics Want More


Wall Street Journal

Petition Demands More Funding for Brooklyn Tech


DNA info

Give Brooklyn Tech its Fair Share of State Funding


times of india

Plainspeaking on periods

huffington post

Why That ‘Like A Girl’ Super Bowl Ad Was So Groundbreaking



The period, reimagined: are women finally ready for the cup?

The case of the missing tampons


The Atlantic

What if Sanitary Pad Ads Didn't Use Blue Fluid

10 Completely Outrageous Facts About Menstruation

The Pill: 50 Years Later


Shocking Facts about the Flow: What You Wanted to Know About Your Period But Were Too Afraid to Ask


The New York Times

Rebelling Against the Commonly Evasive Feminine 

Metropolitan Diary


Huffington Post

Dads in the Delivery Room: Do They Really Need to Be There?


The Globe and Mail

Is PMS a Myth? One Study Says Yes


Ads for Pads: Can a guy sell menstrual products?

some other fab stuff!


G50312P1 [Read-Only].jpg

Time for Kids: designed all buttons on the cover

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 7.17.11 PM.png

My design, illuminated on buildings across the country.

Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 6.08.06 PM.png

D is for Desire interview with Noah Michelson about period sex.

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